Why I Started Writing

The Speechwriter By Sid Crowe

My first novel – The SPeechwriter.

For what it’s worth, I think I’d like to tell you all why I decided to become an author. It quite an amusing story:

One day in the early days of spring I found myself walking back from work and had a message pop up on my smartphone. It was an email from the website meetup.com. I have never been to a meetup but I had an account and thought one day maybe I would go.

I’ve always been a book addict and I knew one day I would write a book. I hoped to write non-fiction, but that means you have to be somewhat of an expert in some field. I haven’t reached this stage in my life yet but anyways, I was walking home when I got this email and the subject line was very catchy. It read: “How to Write and Publish a Book in 120 Days.” The best part about it was that it was free and being held three blocks from my house.

Upon reading the title, I thought – hey, whoever is running this must me one hell of an interesting fellow. I wanted to meet the moderator. I’ve only spoken to a few authors in my life before. Needless to say, I signed up.

When I arrived, the man greeted me and asked for my email. I said “Sure, why not. That’s not too much of a price to pay for this awesome seminar I’m about to attend.” Mind you, a few weeks earlier I did see Seth Godin¬†speak so this man had some big shoes to fill.

Long story short, the guy did come close to being as good as anyone I’ve ever seen speak before. In fact, his whole seminar was a sales pitch and his main motive for writing books was “Because you can tell people you’re an author.”

After this seminar, I thought to myself, If I were to write a book – it’s purpose would be to enrich the lives of my readers. After all, isn’t that what writing is about?

Three months later, here I am. I wrote my first novel and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Even if nobody reads it, I’ll still be happy because I’ve proved to myself that I can master my disinclination. After all, as Macklemore says “That’s just the work, regardless of who’s listening.”

Anyway, that’s my story of how I became an author; simply by holding on to the right intention. Write something that you think could change someones life. You might just succeed.